Development of our own database, LDBX, version 3.0

Our systems are currently running with LDBX (LightspeedDB X) version 2.0, LDBX 3.0 will be a replication-cluster enabled solution to match the demanding needs of data storage in future. Please bear with us as we upgrade our systems in the use of LDBX 3.0. As it is a significant enhancement and improvement to our existing database layer (current LDBX 2.0’s 300,000 op/s write, 300,000 op/s read vs LDBX 3.0’s 450,000 op/s write, 1,000,000 op/s read), compared with MySQL’s 3500 op/s read and 500 op/s write, we are currently performing aggressive load testing on it now to ensure data integrity.

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