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More Features Added Monthly! Different applications are developed to suit different needs, powered on bcz.com

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Speedy & Reliable

All content is powered on cloud, maintained and supported by professionals with years of experience handling internet technologies.

Targeted Approach

Get more targeted exposures online with our web based systems, updated to handle high traffic and optimized for search engines.

Responsive Website

Create professional looking websites that just adapts to different devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets, PCs etc.



Own your own eCommerce storefront

Start selling things online with different product variations, creation stunning layout presentations and do inventory, shipping and order tracking all on bcz.com. You can even accept bitcoins too.



Create elegant invoices for your clients on the go

With itemized detail information. Manage clients with contact form information listing as well. Manage projects through task list management.

Simplicity & Elegance in a Day

We optimized the system daily, improve seo engine performance conformance and offer support services to ensure your daily online operation on bcz.com is as smooth as butter.

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    Cloud Managed

    Content Delivery Network managed by professionals at BCZ.com
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    Enterprise Security

    Enhanced with security protection framework and content delivery network.
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    Professional Audit

    Code is reviewed by professionals to ensure quality, stability, reliability and checked for performance, standardization to remove malware or system errors. 
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    System Integration

    Bringing the best features together and working seamlessly without compromising performance, budget or time to deployment. 


Do more, get more, save more and work less!

Expect more features to be added to this page. Do you have something in mind that is not here? Contact us directly and request the feature to be included on bcz.com. If your ideas and suggestions are adopted, you will be given special accounts with special access rights to bcz.com.

Built in search engine optimization (SEO) features is what makes us consistently rated top 100 web 2.0 lists on multiple review sites.
Get professional support from experienced developers at http://bcz.com/help/ or use the chat channel on this site.
You can design nice looking and eye catching websites or personal profile sites with unlimited presentation style such as this one and unlimited modules expansion capabilities on bcz.com platform.


All themes shown on bcz.com are highly customizables.


High resolution images possible with our templates and designs.


Providing quality work for global customers


Works in major mobile devices, desktops, laptops and compatible with all leading browsers


All in one platform for all your daily dealings with easy to use interface.


Great and friendly support is always around the corner, be it live chat or message services.



Customize any ways you want. anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.


Any content created on bcz.com is automagically search engine optimized for speed and content generation.


We regularly check our system for oil leaks, tweaking and upgrading to ensure quality, reliable production run.

BCZ.com includes a huge selection of themes that you can customize yourself.

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