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TikTok not likely to be sold to US entities

  ByteDance, the company that is based in Beijing, creator of the highly popular and wildly addictive short video app TikTok is unlikely to ...


ByteDance, the company that is based in Beijing, creator of the highly popular and wildly addictive short video app TikTok is unlikely to be sold to U.S. companies according to some news report online. TikTok gained massive user base lately especially during the Covid-19 pandemic making many people multi-millionaires with many going viral like the recent hugely popular TikTok upcoming star, @bellapoarch.

Bella Pourch did a "M to the B" which got her 300 million views and 25 million+ TikTok likes, making the most number of likes garnered on TikTok app in a matter of weeks. Many people are discussing how does a bandaid on the chin of an 19 year old gets so many likes on TikTok platform with her face dance.

TikTok has been banned in India but it's popularity does not seem to slow down globally. Many businesses are shifting their advertising budget to the TikTok platform which is mostly comprises of demographic age groups from 14 to 24 years old. With it's Creator Fund platform launched, users are able to earn from their videos at a rate of around $0.002 per 1,000 views. With TikTok Coins, TikTok made an estimated US$3 billion of revenue in 2019. 

The other viable route for TikTok's fate is for Joe Biden to win the election, which should see TikTok being a non-US company as it is.


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