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Champions League 2020 final, Bayer 1 - PSG 0

UEFA Champions League 2020 Final's Official Results :  Paris Saint-Germain  0 - Bayern Munich 1 Bayern Munich overcame Paris Saint-Germa...

UEFA Champions League 2020 Final's Official Results : Paris Saint-Germain 0 - Bayern Munich 1

Bayern Munich overcame Paris Saint-Germain to claim the crown for the sixth time in UEFA Champions League with a total game time of 96 minutes. Neymar failed to produce result and missed his chances in the early half of game despite being the most expensive footballer of all time at 222million euros. In this game, Bayern Munich emerged as the first team to win every Champions League game.

PSG was unable to capitalize on the game, as it was commentated that Neymar tried to do too many things too much. Kingsley Coman header in the 59th minute sealed the fate for the Champions League, becoming the hero of the day with the winning goal.


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